Student accommodation

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Morgan Sindall has been at the forefront of the expansion in purpose-built student accommodation over the last decade, having delivered more than 10,000 new beds in the last ten years.

At Morgan Sindall Investments we use a range of partnerships to provide flexible funding options, including asset backed joint ventures, land swaps and finance leases. By utilising the full capabilities of the Morgan Sindall Group we are able to provide clients with a ‘single point of contact’ integrated solution, removing both complexity and risk from a project.  Through the Bournemouth LABV we forward funded a 378 bed student accommodation project for the Arts University College in Bournemouth

We work with a variety of customers including universities, direct-let operators and long-term investors to develop schemes along with appropriately structured financing arrangements.

“Morgan Sindall have delivered over 10,000 new beds in the last 10 years”