The STRIDE joint venture has been established to deliver strategic estates services over the short and medium term, with the aim of achieving maximum efficiency in the way the Trust operates and in how it uses its sizeable physical estate, in line with the Trust’s clinical priorities for patient care, and reflecting its strategic plan for the future.

Through its private sector partner Health Innovation Partners Limited (HIP), STRIDE will provide access to, arrange and deliver private sector capital where required to finance new projects, which may involve capital and refurbishment works, disposal and/or acquisition of land and facilities to support NHS, related health and social care services; as well as select commercial development opportunities.

STRIDE will support the Trust in its strategic plan for the future and will strive to deliver real efficiencies and innovation across all aspects of the Trust’s operations, as part of its journey to deliver an outstanding patient experience, every step of the way.


“We have long recognised the need to ensure services in the community, including GP services, are better integrated into the services we provide at Queens. The Outwoods development proposed, in lieu of a standard housing development, enables a greater focus for the community in providing more seamless care. We are also conscious, as outlined in the Naylor Report published earlier in the year, that the NHS has to make better use of its surplus land and we are delighted that our partners in STRIDE have put forward this exciting development.” Helen Scott-South, Chief Executive Officer, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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STRIDE Website

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