Health Innovations Partners Limited (HIP) signed a ten-year partnership agreement with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, establishing TOPP and becoming its strategic estate partner. TOPP, a 50:50 joint venture between the Trust and HIP, will work to develop the Trust’s estate and surplus assets, helping to reduce costs and maximise revenue for the Trust which can be reinvested into healthcare delivery.

Initially, TOPP will prioritise the development of surplus and disused NHS land at key sites in South East London. This includes the redevelopment of land at Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup – land which has remained unused for over 20 years and identified as a priority for redevelopment by the Department of Health.

The partnership will also enable the redevelopment of a primary care centre in Plumstead, along with a number of other Trust owned assets.

HIP provides a collaborative and inclusive approach to partnership – supporting the Trust’s estates team and offering new capability to benefit the client and support their long term service delivery outcomes. HIP will work alongside the Trust, without major disruption, yet allows them access to our thinking, resource, finance and delivery capability to take their estate forward within the confines faced by the NHS.


“We have well managed properties across South London. Our partnership with Health Innovation Partners will give us additional expertise and resources to progress our work further and make best use of our properties to deliver efficiencies and income. This will not only benefit patient care, but also the communities we serve, enabling us to reinvest profits directly into patient care.” Ben Travis, Chief Executive at Oxleas NHS

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust